The task of our fourteen (14) officers consists of patrolling the streets of our community and responding to all calls within a short delay. Their daily work consists of being investigators patrollers. They take care of the files relating to the Motor Vehicle Act, Criminal Code and all other provincial statutes.

The investigation section is formed of two (2) members who handle files dealing with major crimes. All officers follow continuous training, which allows better service to the population and crime resolution.

In 2003, the police forces in the northern New Brunswick formed an alliance and signed a Mutual Aid Agreement for the sharing of specialized police services. The forces include the Bathurst Police Force, Grand Falls, Edmundston, Woodstock, Miramichi and the BNPP Regional Police.

With this Mutual Aid Agreement these municipalities are provided with most professional service while still remaining cost efficient. These services include Ident, the acquiring of physical evidence; canine section; polygraphist; and major crimes just to name a few.