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Press release

The following information is to alert, educate and advise the public on important events involving the BNPP police service.  This information may include changes to the law; dangers that the public may encounter, including AMBER alerts; and files that are destined for the courts. 

Fraudulent renos...

For some time now, we have received complaints from people who have been defrauded by a company which claims to be renovating in the Chaleur region. Fraudsters use the pretext of checking the insulation of residences to make very expensive estimates. Thereafter, the works are partially executed. The company that does this kind of work does not come from the Chaleur region. The BNPP Regional Police suggest that people check the references of all the companies offering such a service and have the work completed before finalizing the payments.

phone fraud alert ....

There are currently people who are being solicited, by text message, to share personal information for their phone accounts. The BNPP Regional Police reminds citizens to pay attention before disclosing details about their identity, bank accounts or any other personal information that could be used by fraudsters. Steps must be taken to confirm the identity of the person requesting the information before sharing it.