The BNPP Regional Police possesses warrants for the following individuals. If you know the whereabouts of any of the persons listed below, please contact our detachment at (506) 542-2666 so these warrants can be executed. 

You can also go to our Tips page and give your information anonymously. 

The list below is in no particular order but you can click on the arrows next "Name" and it will display in alphabetically order.  You can also use the search to look up a specific name.

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Name DOB Municipality Offense Type of warrant
Béchard, Marco
Québec, PQ
Breach of undertakingCommittal - $100
Béchard, Marco
Québec, PQ
Breach of probationCommittal - $100
Bélisle, Steve
Gatineau, PQ
Uttering threatsArrest
Benslimane, Omar
Moncton, NB
Disqualified drivingArrest
Bertin, Rémi85-07-15LaPlante, NBTheftArrest
Bérubé, Étienne
77-04-08Granby, PQTheftArrest
Bérubé, Étienne
77-04-08Granby, PQPossession of stolen goodsArrest
Bérubé, René74-04-13Bathurst, NBFail to appearArrest
Bérubé, René
74-04-13Bathurst, NBPossession of stolen goodsArrest
Bondi, Antonio61-06-21Beresford, NBBreach of undertakingArrest
Boudreau, Brian
93-10-30Kedgwick, NBAssaultArrest
Boudreau, Brian
93-10-30Kedgwick, NBObstruction or resistingArrest
Boudreau, Brian
93-10-30Kedgwick, NBBreach of undertakingArrest
Case, Brian Johnson92-07-12Verdun, PQUttering threatsArrest
Case, Brian Johnson92-07-12Verdun, PQCriminal harassmentArrest
Chartran, Marc-André91-05-16InconnuPossession of stolen goodsArrest
Chiasson, Alcides Ricky
64-09-16Ste-Anne, NBTheftCommittal - $600
Comeau, Joël80-09-11Bathurst, NBDisqualified drivingCommittal - $500
Cormier, Arthur53-08-03Big River, NBFail to provide sampleCommittal - $1150
Cormier, Arthur53-08-03Big River, NBDisqualified drivingCommittal - $600
Cormier, Mylène86-12-04Pokesudie, NBFraudArrest
DeGrâce, Denis83-06-13Petit-Rocher, NBAssault w/weaponArrest
DeGrâce, Stéphane
82-02-06Petit-Rocher, NBBreach of undertaking (2)Arrest
DeGrâce, Stéphane
82-02-06Petit-Rocher, NBBreach of probation (2)Arrest
DeGrâce, Stéphane
82-02-06Petit-Rocher, NBMischiefArrest
DeGrâce, Stéphane
82-02-06Petit-Rocher, NBAssault on officerArrest
DeGrâce, Stéphane
82-02-06Petit-Rocher, NBAssault CBHArrest
DeGrâce, Stéphane
82-02-06Petit-Rocher, NBPossession of stolen goodsArrest
DeGrâce, Stéphane
82-02-06Petit-Rocher, NBBreak and enterCommittal - $100
DeGrâce, Stéphane
82-02-06Petit-Rocher, NBFail to appearCommittal - $100
DeGrâce, Stéphane
82-02-06Petit-Rocher, NBFail to provide sampleCommittal - $1150
Doucet, Emily Bre-Anne
01-11-05Bathurst, NBAssault on officerArrest
Doucet, Paul
70-04-27North Tetagouche, NBBreach of probation (3)Arrest
Doucet, Shawn
81-09-28Bathurst, NBIllegal possessionCommittal – $84
Duguay, Danny85-05-10Bathurst, NBPossesion of stolen goodsArrest
Duguay, Danny85-05-10Bathurst, NBFraudArrest
Duranleau, Jonathan92-08-05Granby, PQImpaired drivingArrest
Ferron, Jeffrey
81-01-16Beresford, NBImpaired drivingArrest
Ferron, Jeffrey
81-01-16Beresford, NBBreach probationArrest
Gionet-Davis, Rebecca Lee
83-09-19Beresford, NBAbduction, violation of orderArrest
Guitard, Nathan Gerald
92-03-15Benjamin River, NBDisqualified drivingCommittal - $2400
Haché, George49-02-04Petit-Rocher N, NBMolestationArrest
Huard, Jessica92-06-15InconnueTheftArrest
Kvec, Pinky00-03-13Pickering ONTheft (x 2)Arrest
Lafrance, Hugo86-06-23Lévis, PQBreach of probationCommittal - $300
Lebouthilier, Alphonse93-09-18Bathurst, NBMischiefArrest
Lebouthilier, Alphonse93-09-18Bathurst, NBBreach of probationArrest
Lespérance, Robert57-07-29Bloomfield, ONSexual assault (×3)Arrest
Losier, Andrew94-01-02Bathurst, NBTheft of motor vehicle (x2)Arrest
Losier, Andrew94-01-02Bathurst, NBArsonArrest
Mazerolle, Jean-François82-08-29Poksudie, NBFraudArrest
Mejia-Cordoba, Carlos74-06-17St-Leonard, PQDisqualified drivingCommittal - $500
Paulin, Michel81-02-19Verdun, PQTheftCommittal - $115
Paulin, Michel81-02-19Verdun, PQTresspassing at nightCommittal - $115
Rattie, Jean-Paul52-04-28Labrador City, NLDisqualified drivingCommittal - $600
Uloth, William (Bill)65-05-16Chatham, ONImpaired driving 253 (1)(a)Arrest
Uloth, William (Bill)65-05-16Chatham, ONImpaired driving 253 (1)(b)Arrest
Uloth, William (Bill)65-05-16Chatham, ONFail to appearArrest
Wilson, Steven Hugh53-01-08Robertville, NBDisqualified drivingCommittal - $500